I started playing the violin aged 3 and a half, under the tuition of Hazel Fairbairn (later, during my degree, Siobhán Peoples), and have been teaching myself to play piano for quite a number of years too. I also dabble with a few other instruments...

I've been composing since the age of (aprox.) 8, when I wrote a tune called "Moggy The Froggy" on the piano. My compositional style has, unsurprisingly, evolved in a rather different direction over the years, and I am currently collating tracks for an album of self-penned material inspired by, among other things, the Cambridgeshire Fens, which I'm starting to record right now!!!

Check out my fundraiser page for more info and to pre-order a copy...

I don't currently take private pupils for regular tuition but would certainly consider one-off classes. I taught for several years at the Burwell Bash folk music course every summer in Cambridgeshire, with Jock Tyldesley. Other tutors include/have included Brian Finnegan, Nancy Kerr, Liz Doherty, Ed Boyd, Sam Pirt, and Katherine Millman.

Latest tracks by Lizzy Doe

"Cathedral Escape" (© L. Doe)
with Jock Tyldesley (fiddle) - 2009
"The Earth Moves In Mysterious Ways" (© L. Doe)
short clip - with Brian Finnegan (whistle), Ed Boyd (guitar), Sam Pirt (accordion) and Jock Tyldesley (fiddle) - 2010
"The Broken Tree" (© L. Doe) - 2009
Fiddle tunes (Traditional)
with Joe Bardwell (guitar) - 2008
"Ochreloom" (© J. Mallory-Skinner)
with The Seazora - 2011